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Nordic stools

Scandinavian design continues to be a source of inspiration for architects and interior designer. The signature characteristics of Scandinavian designs — whether it be Hans Wegner‘s Wishbone Chair or Poul Henningsen’s iconic pendant lighting is simplicity and function. Walls are commonly left bare and spaces are left relatively sparse to emphasize this principle. Even toys are designed as simple, wooden objects, and tents made from dowels and fabrics are frequently found in Scandinavian playrooms. That is why we name this iconic collection Bryggen, a homage to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. These stools can easily be “docked” under any bar table or bar counter in your home, restaurant or hotel. Our Bryggen stools collection are no exception, made of just two materials, teak and stainless steel; minimalistic and functional furniture that let you hygge in style and offers a considered solution for simple living.